Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Iron Tenth - Part 6

Finally back with some models finished!

This is my second tactical squad I've done for my Iron Hands, and they will be the Second Tactical Squad of Clan Sorrgol. These guys are another kitbash extravaganza! Tactical, sternguard, various Forge World kits and I'm sure a few other bitz from the box. I need to revisit these guys, and all the others, to apply the clan markings, that will be a pain...  I took photos of the basing process too, but they turned out dreadful, so I've be trying that again on my next model - another Iron Father.

So lets look at a few more pics.

Assault on Black Reach meets Forgeworld
II painted in the cog: second tactical squad marking 

Brass etch II on forearm
Think the head is from an Ironclad - chain bayonet on the bolter too

Went with a heavy bolter for a change... believe it or not I think it's the first time I've ever painted one! Anyway, hope you like them.


Bionic arm from servitor
Another Ironclad helm and chain bayonet

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