Tuesday, 29 April 2014

It's been a bad couple of weeks...

... In real life. All work related, initially just crazy busy, but then last Thursday there was a system failure that, no joke, almost ended the company. We all had to pitch in and try to keep clients happy etc. Late nights, early starts, and frankly I got off easy compared to some of the guys. I don't know how my two bosses didn't have heart attacks, I felt so bad for them Not fun! Anyway over the worst now *touch wood*.

Anyway, as a result I haven'd touched any minis let alone paint one in about 2 weeks. I'm dying to get this squad done, but just to tired right now. Bank holiday weekend coming up though, hope to resume normal broadcasts soon. The pic above is where I'm picking up from. Looking forward to it, and I WILL do a basing tutorial for these guys. 


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