Monday, 7 April 2014

The Iron Tenth - Part 5

Okay, so lesson 1: Working on 3 dreads at once is tough going.

The plan was to use all my from the various kits to make some cool models. I'm pleased with the results for sure, but I'm not convinced they're particularly unique dreadnoughts. Next time I reckon I'll try for one that was a Techmarine/Iron Father in a past life. Anyway, this was a long project. There's a good bit of kit bashing and plasticard work on each, plus magnetised arms, bases and interchangeable stuff. This, plus general real-life things going on made for a long start to end process.

Lesson 2: Working on 3 dreads one by one would have been worse.

Having said all that, I think it was well worth it, and lets face it, if I hadn't done them all together they wouldn't have been done at all! Being able to paint the models in stages, all the base colours, first level highlights, metal etc in steps really sped things up. If I hadn't committed to doing them all together, and not rushing ahead with one model until the stage I was on was done on all of them helped keep me focused. Personally, it was easy to stay motivated on this, where as I reckon if I got one done, then had to start from scratch on the next one.... I think I'd have moved onto another project!

So, here they are anyway, all painted and ready to go. I want to go back and add names to them all, including the contemptor, but I'm going to practise that a lot before I risk ruining these guys! Not sure what I'll be working on next, not dreadnoughts though that's for sure.

Hope you like them.


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