Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Iron Tenth - Part 2

So here's some Sternguard Vets, following on from my previous Tactical Squad Post. The style, as you can see, has largely followed on from the other guys. I've used a few more of the MkIII armour pieces here to mark out their 'veteran' aspect. I also have the forge world phobos pattern bolters here. My thoughts were to use these with the sternguard to represent the special ammo. To be honest, if I ever game with this army I reckon I'll roll these guys into my tactical troops, as the elites will likely be all Dreadnoughts! Just as an aside - I love the style of the MkIII armour and it's perfect for Iron Hands in particular, but in terms of the variations and poseable aspect of the models, it's nothing compared to standard GW kits like the tactical or sternguard boxes. The way the torsos sit on the legs due to the skirt is quite restrictive, as are the arm positions. I think they're great to mix in with other models like this, but I reckon an army of them could quickly start to all look the same.

For me the ones worth a mention are the squad leader and heavy flamer. The flamer itself is kind of fixed in position because of the fuel cables, and I think in spite of that i got a pretty dynamic pose out of it. The squad leader's bionic leg was pretty fiddly but pretty pleased with the result too. Have to say though, this dude here is my favourite, cant decide why.

So I hope you like them, and check back next time for some WIP of something a little bigger...

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