Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Iron Tenth - Part 3.5

So here is the finished Contemptor. Might go back to name him, or add some sort of campaign markings maybe. I was pretty concerned about painting him. I wasn't sure how well the painting method I used for the troops would scale up, but I'm pleased enough here. I realised during painting I didn't do a 100% job on cleaning the FW releasing agent from the model. Amature mistake. It was a tiny spot though so I got away with it. I think the missile launcher is pretty cool too.

Not 100% happy with the servo skull, but it was a first attempt. The plain cable is just a paper clip, which attaches to a magnet on the base, and the other coil is a greenstuff cable made using the Tentacle Maker (brilliant investment, much more use of this in the near future). I'll definitely be adding more of these servo skulls across the army, might actually revisit my tactical and sternguard squads and add one or two.

One thing that's new to me on this project is the weathering, and by that I mean the small patches of kinda dust I guess around the ankles of my Iron Hands. I personally find it so scary doing this! You put so much effort into painting the feet and legs, just to wreck them! But I'm gaining confidence in it and I think the results are not bed. For me, the test will be to revisit in a couple of months with fresh eyes and see does it look okay, or did I ruin a perfectly good paint job! Hope you like it. Comments and criticism as always is welcomed.


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