Monday, 24 February 2014

The Iron Tenth - Part 3.0

So this is the second Contemptor I've made, and it wasn't an easier job second time round. My first was a standard one, which I made for my Space Wolves, and I tried to magnetise everything. Literally. Baaaad idea, I think I aged ten years in the process.

For this one, all I did was magnetise the lower parts of the arms for weapon swaps and the base for storage and transport. There were a couple of casting issues, where the resin was so thin that cleaning it just put holes straight through. Luckily this happened in spots where I could easily hide or repair. The worst was the right shoulder which is now covered by the brass cog motif so happy days.

The missile launcher was a case of having a load of suitably chunky bits that I were saving and knew could somehow work with some sort of vehicle conversion. I think its mainly dreadknight and drop pod bits in there.

Just a note, the mid-abdomen section of this had some cabling which looks pretty cool, but unfortunately limits how you can position it in relation to the legs. Found this out a bit late in the game and had to break some glued joints to rescue the pose.

Anyway, below are some WIP shots, check back again for it all painted up. 



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