Monday, 3 March 2014

My 'First' Army - Space Wolves

After being out of the hobby for 6 or 7 years, I was just browsing in a local newsagent when I came across that month's White Dwarf. It was the month of the Space Wolves re-release, and I was sold on the spot. It's kinda funny looking at it now, but that release, the grey hunter/blood claw box and the terminators seemed to pave the way for some of the incredible new breed of plastic kits. Anyway this was the first 'complete' army I've collected.

There's two of things that are maybe a bit unique about this army. First is the shoulder pads. I made green stuff molds of a wolf's head and used this to create my take on Bran Redmaw's great company. This was, over the course of 60-80ish shoulders, a nightmare. Also, looking back now, I think they kinda look crap the way I painted them, but we live and learn! Secondly, there is nothing metallic in the army. At all. no NMM either. This was a very conscious decision, because I just didn't like all the brass, gold, bronze and silver all mixed in together on the GW models, but again kinda became a pain towards the end. I actually didn't realise until I was taking these pics how many small fiddly bits I've left to finish. Have to finish them off now!

Anyway lets take a look at some of them.

Here are my two rune priests. First is the stock model, a really great model too. The second is a Coteaz conversion, just a head swap and a couple of trinkets. I know he doesn't have a backpack and stuff... but screw it he looks killer.

Wolf guard next, just a couple of the ones I'm most happy with. These are pretty much straight out of the box.

Here's the best, or at least my favourite, of my Grey Hunters. There supposed to be four distinct pack markings, one for each unit, not sure they all feature here though.

This is a great kit, loads of great bits that I've used in all kinds of other projects. There were a few conversions here and there, mostly kitbashing I guess from various space marine kits.

Long Fangs here, I ebay'd myself a few missile launchers, raided old models and even made a couple from vehicle accessory sprues for these guys. Particularly like the pack leader. Too many unfinished shoulder pads....

These tanks were the first two I ever properly painted. I find painting vehicles quite daunting, but once you get stuck in it's not too bad really.

... and finally, my dreads. Absolutely love these models, wish they were better in the game! Hopefully the Iron Hands chapter tactics will aid in that sense once that army is up and running.

Space Wolves ContemptorSpace Wolves Contemptor

So there you go, first 'real' army of mine, hope you like them. Better go back and finish off those shoulder pads...


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