Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Iron Tenth - Part 4

This is a quick WIP post of what i'm working on right now, a few more dreads. Again, rules and what they'll actually play as are not high on my list of whats important for these guys - just cool models. I basically have an ironclad, venerable and the one from the assault on black reach kit. So I'm trying to mix and match a bit from these and my bitz box to make a few cool looking walkers. So here's the first so far.

The arms will be interchangeable with others, the right arm weapons can just slide in and out of the shoulder which is really handy. I've angle that right shoulder a bit, still need to neaten that up with some cabling and stuff to make it look strong. The bit of brass is from the 40k basing kit which is suitable iron hands-y, and the plasticard arrow is to represent that this guy was a tactical sergeant or something.

The hip was altered slightly by cutting away some of the joint an cables, the I used my trusty tentacle maker to make green stuff replacements, and a couple of others too to add a bit of detail. I'm running out of iron hands brass icons, so might have to freehand the chapter symbol when painting. Haven't decided on the sarcophagus yet either, might swap that. Any thoughts out there on alternative 'faces' for this dread? My time is at a premium at the moment with work and life etc, hopefully I can keep these guys on the move.



  1. Thanks for the link! I keep trying to join/follow your blog but it keeps giving me an error. That dread is going to look great!

    1. Cheers! I've added a few more details, pics with the next post. That's lame, what kind of error?