Friday, 14 March 2014

An Early Happy St Patricks Day from Dublin! - Come On You Boyz In Green!

Ok, not boyz in green*, more like green boyz in yellow... but whatever!

This is another post similar to my space wolves one, where i dive into the back of my wardrobe to show off a couple of (relative) oldies - my Bad Moon Orks.

*Actually, the real boyz in green - the Irish Rugby team are playing vs France tomorrow evening, 5pm GMT, to hopefully win the 6 nations, you should all watch it. Seriously. You shouldn't be allowed to celebrate Paddy's Day on Monday if you don't watch this game....

So here's the pics. First up, Big Mek with Kustom Force Field. Based on the AoBR warboss, he's got loads of bitz from the deff dread kit, and large portion of the old gyro copter in metal. Love this guy.

This is a metal Ghazghkull, bit of a pose twist, nothing too fancy. 

Some of da boyz. 

These bike kits are so much fun... Man, I'm thinking about working on orks again now...

Koptas from AoBR. Awesome models too, think the flying bases are long gone, better make some real bases! 

Here's da trukk. Compared to, say, a rhino, this is a helluvah kit!

And finally da wagon. Skrew red, dem yellows go fasta!

I've another wagon and a dakka jet unfinished somewhere... Might have to did them out after that trip down memory lane!



  1. Very nice work man, the Orks are looking good!

    1. Cheers man appreciate it. I reckon one there's codex update I'll be dusting these guys off and finishing a second wagon and dakkajet. Dying for some plastic meganobz