Thursday, 13 March 2014

Where do Iron Hands Names Come From?

Soooo.... progress on my three Iron Hands dreads has slowed a bit, hoping on getting some work on them done this evening, but no new pics to update you with yet. I have, however, been doing a little research on possible names for them, and of course, my Contemptor. Most Space Marine legions seem to have pretty clear cut origins and inspiration, such as Scandinavia and vikings for Space Wolves, Roman/Greek Ultramarines etc.

Iron Hands, to me, don't seem to follow an obvious pattern. Maybe I'm missing something? The Gorgon, Medusa etc (the Primarch's alias and their homeworld) are Greek of course, but Raukaan, Sorrgol etc.. where do these come from? I read somewhere a suggestion of Turkish origin, but not sure. Anyway, I've decided on a different route. I've basically google translated some Iron Hands related words and phrases into latin (Ferrus Mannus is literally 'Iron Hands' in latin), and from there I'm going to spell and adapt them a bit. So here we have the three I've settled on for these walkers.

English: Forge
Latin Translation: Fornax
English: Iron Wrought
Latin Translation: Ferramenta
English: Iron Clad
Latin Translation: Loricatus
English: Iron Flesh
Latin Translation: Ferrum Carnis

Actually painting these will be another story of course, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it!

I'd love a bit of feedback on these folks. Good idea / bad idea? Cool sounding or total crap? Comments people, comments!


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